A Deep Dive Into 5 Wedding Videography Tips

Wedding Videography

A Deep Dive Into Five Wedding Videography Pro Tips

Description: Wedding videography can be very challenging. Here are the best tips for wedding videography to get your wedding video production business to the next level.

Wedding videography is a wonderful opportunity to capture the moments of a memorable day in real-time. The emotions of a wedding can shine through in a well-done video but can be challenging to capture if not done correctly. It is important to understand how wedding videography and wedding video production business differs from traditional video production, where the big moments are hard to copy or plan. The following tips will help guide you toward the mastery of wedding videography:

  • Communicate openly – having open and honest conversations with a couple before filming their wedding day can help mitigate small mistakes along the way. This open communication should allow you to best understand what the couple is looking for in their wedding video. If there are special moments they need to be captured, you will know about them well in advance and can plan accordingly. It is also important to communicate with the venue to best understand the setup of the wedding, to know if you should bring zoom lenses, and to what your best angles might look like. 
  • Travel light – on the day of the wedding, you will likely be running around and moving quickly throughout the venue. It is important to pack as little equipment as possible to ensure you are agile in capturing the biggest moments of the day. Consider which lenses are the most important and only bring those, as well as additional batteries and memory cards. In preparing for the wedding day, think about what equipment is absolutely essential and consider leaving the rest behind. 
  • Bring audio backups – there are many moments in a wedding that cannot be recreated if the audio fails during filming, so bring multiple sources to record audio. If your video camera captures sound, consider bringing an audio recorder too. In the case of an emergency, you will be thankful that you had another audio device rolling if one happens to fail. 
  • Shoot enough B-roll – this is an incredibly important day for the couple and they will want to look back on every moment through their wedding video. Remember to capture all the small moments, like when guests enter the reception and the exterior of the venue. Consider bringing an extra camera to film attendees during different parts of the ceremony and reception. It will always be better to have too much footage than not enough when it comes time to edit a wedding video.
  • Prepare for different lighting – when filming a wedding, you should be prepared for all types of lighting. You might have to film indoors and outdoors throughout the day and night, so plan accordingly. Consider bringing your own lights for the nighttime shots, but also find creative ways to capture important moments using natural and pre-existing light. Entering the day with the expectation that lighting situations will vary should help eliminate any surprises when it comes time for filming.

The wedding video production business Filming a wedding video for a couple is an extremely rewarding opportunity and one that should not be taken lightly. This is one of the most memorable days in many couples’ lives, and it should be captured as efficiently as possible. Remember to plan in advance and prepare before showing up to the big day in an effort to reduce any surprises or common mistakes while filming a wedding video, 

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