Everything You Should Know About Videos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn videos

With its growing popularity in the social media world, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to use for content sharing and branding. One of the best ways to reach audiences on LinkedIn is with video production. When compared to simple text posts, video content on LinkedIn is known to earn an average of three times more engagement. The popularity of video content on LinkedIn makes it one of the best tools in reaching target audiences and increasing conversion rates.

LinkedIn Embedded Videos

LinkedIn allows users to upload videos that were created and hosted on third-party platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. These videos can be easily shared on LinkedIn to reach the community that exists on the social media platform. While native videos on LinkedIn are recommended for creators, this option can be great for users that have pre-existing content on outside platforms. 

LinkedIn Native Videos

Videos that are uploaded directly to or created on the LinkedIn platform are referred to as native videos. Native videos are successful in grabbing the attention of LinkedIn users because, unlike embedded videos, they play directly in the feed of those scrolling. To upload or film a native video on LinkedIn, simply tap the share box and video icon. There are also options on the platform to add filters and text to videos as a form of editing. 

There are a few technical specifications that should be taken into consideration when planning and creating videos for LinkedIn. The platform requires a minimum video length of three seconds with a maximum video length of 10 minutes. The video file size must be no smaller than 75 KB and no larger than 5 GB. LinkedIn videos may be uploaded in a horizontal or vertical orientation, with a ratio of 1:2.4 or 2.4:1.

LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn offers the opportunity for users to create video ads through their platform. These ads are sponsored and have the greatest opportunity to increase brand awareness on LinkedIn. With targeting and a broader reach, LinkedIn ads are tailored to reach a greater audience than native videos alone. A LinkedIn video ad campaign can be launched by logging into the campaign manager and creating a new video under sponsored content. 

Video ads on LinkedIn have their own unique technical specifications that should be considered when launching a video campaign on the platform. The minimum video length for a LinkedIn ad is three seconds, with a  maximum length of 30 minutes. The LinkedIn video ad can be uploaded in a file size no smaller than 75 KB and no larger than 5 GB. In contrast to native videos, LinkedIn ads can only be created in a horizontal format with a ratio of 1:2.4 or 2.4:1. 

As one of the most commonly used social media platforms online today, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for sharing video content on behalf of a brand. A presence on LinkedIn supported by video content can allow for the successful engagement of consumers and reach target audiences. Understanding the opportunities of video content on LinkedIn, including technical specifications, can help in the planning process of creating video content tailored for the platform.

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