3 Reasons to Invest in Product Videography

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Product videography is rising in popularity and is one of the best ways to guarantee your business will stand out among the competition. By using video, you will be able to better give customers a dynamic, visual look at the products being featured. This type of marketing can be used to educate and engage customers, leading to greater results in conversion and awareness. There are a number of key reasons why investing in product videography should be incorporated into your marketing strategy, including increased sales, information sharing, and optimized branding.

Increased Sales

Consumers are relying on visual information and video content related to products they are looking to purchase now more than ever. Including a video on the homepage of a website is proven to increase conversion rates and gain more traction on search engine systems. In fact, product videos embedded on the homepage of a company site are known to increase sales by over 80 percent. The way consumers receive and digest information is evolving, with video production at the forefront of the way people expect to receive marketing information before making a product purchase.

Information Sharing

Videography is more dynamic in the way it presents product information when compared to traditional photography and copywriting. The opportunities to educate consumers on product information are expanded when considering videography as a marketing tactic. Product videos are able to capture an audience’s attention and ensure they retain information at a higher rate than if they were to simply read a product description. Both visuals and sounds found in the video are able to engage consumers and increase the chance that they will digest more content related to your product or service. Videos also provide marketers with the ability to better showcase the uses of their product through visual descriptions and examples of the product in use.

Optimized Branding

The visual and auditory elements of videography in marketing make it a great tool for showcasing brand culture and style. It is one thing to describe to a customer exactly what a brand stands for, but allowing them to see and hear about values increases the opportunity for them to resonate with a product mission. Consumers are more likely to purchase products from brands that they trust and connect with, and videography is an excellent way to build this type of relationship. Product videography gives you a chance to showcase your brand culture and identity in a way that can fall short of traditional media alternatives.

In order to compete in today’s market, product videography is almost a must to include in a marketing plan. The benefits of including video content related to a brand or product speak for themselves through increased sales and optimized audience engagement. The innovation in video content has created an opportunity for marketers to showcase their products and services in a way that truly reaches their target audience. Investing in product product videography is essential to business success and consumer engagement and is predicted to grow in popularity through the coming years.

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