Video Production Industry Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2023

Video Production Industry Trends 2023

With the rising popularity of video consumption by online users, the industry has been required to innovate to meet demand. Because video content is a powerful way to convey messaging, there are many creative freedoms and trends that have risen as a result. With the highest consumption of video occurring in 2023, it is no wonder this year has been full of new trends and developments. The following production trends are those that have grown in the most popularity throughout 2023.

Animated Videos

Animation in video is gaining popularity quite fast, mostly based on its ability to easily showcase brand identity. Many businesses are relying on animated mascots to act as the face of their brand, while using video to give this persona life in the eyes of consumers. Animated video content takes a spin on creative storytelling and allows creators an even broader amount of freedom in the way they portray messaging to an audience.

Silent Video

With the majority of videos being watched on social media without sound, silent video has found its place in trending topics among the videography community. Silent video has allowed video creators to innovate in the way they share stories and messaging across digital content, without relying too heavily on sound. The rising popularity of closed captions can be attributed to much of the consumer population viewing content with their audio off.

Short Content

Because of the speed in which users scroll social media and consume content, short format videos are becoming increasingly popular among creators. Videos that are too long or contain too much information are often skipped over by consumers. It is important, in today’s climate more than ever, that video producers are able to share their messaging in a matter of seconds through video content. Short form video content that can engage consumers has the highest likelihood of retaining their attention and influencing their behavior.

Live Streaming

A real-time form of video content known as live streaming has taken its place among the video industry trends of 2023. Consumers have found an interest in watching video content live, as it’s being created and recorded. This type of content eliminates the opportunity for editing and replanning content, and requires creators to share content on the fly. Live streaming allows video producers to engage with their audience in real time, with heightened interaction and relationship building.

Instructional Videos 

Now more than ever, consumers are relying on video content to educate them on certain practices and influence buying behaviors. Instructional videos have become increasingly popular as users look to educate themselves through creative content online. Businesses have a real opportunity to share how their products and services can be used by consumers, with instructional videos on the rise in consumption.

As video content continues to grow in popularity, new trends are going to arise. In order to stay relevant and consistent with video based content creation, it is important to follow trends and stay up-to-date on the most popular forms of video content. Producing videos that consumers want to see and engage with is key for driving awareness and interaction among targeted audiences online.

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